Have High-Fashion Runway Shows Turned into Peep Shows?

Just recently, I saw an article about how yesterday?s Dior Runway Show in Paris ended with a peek of 19 year old model, Karlie Kloss?s bare-naked butt. Here?s the photo to prove it:

I mean, it?s a beautiful sheer skirt and I see that the point is to show what?s underneath but why can?t they sew in a panty to match the dress like they do in ballroom dance competition dresses?

We condemn Lindsey Lohan and other celebs for showing their stuff for the world to see yet we allow models to walk down the runway showing their boobs and butts like it?s nothing? No one in their right mind should be walking around in public like that so why would you model a dress in that way? What happened to showing how undergarments can enhance and flatter the shape of an outfit? You don?t want everything to hang loose underneath; that is so NOT flattering or fashionable even if you have a model body. Come on now.

I?ve seen this nakedness on the runway plenty of times, usually with the models being braless under sheer tops. Here are some examples:

Wow, Kate Moss spotted flaunting her nipples in public while holding her daughter?s hand:

The whole point is to show how sheer tops can be worn in many different ways to be stylish and sexy by showing a little skin but not ALL of it. You can wear a simple tank underneath and let the arms and shoulders be the revealed part or wear a bandeau top underneath to go for a beach sexy look and show some tummy. Showing off your nipples is going just a bit too far. Just a bit.

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Rose Petals for Boobs?

You know it?s bad when there?s gathered fabric that resembles rose petals right on your boobs and you STILL look flat as a pancake.

And why would you want people staring at your twins all night?

I must say, if that material wasn?t there, the dress would have been gorgeous on her. Because honestly, I like the dress, the mauve shade, and the trumpet  style gown. Also, the red lips just don?t go with this look. Nude lips or a light pink would have suited this better.

A big trend I noticed on the Red Carpet at the 2010 Oscars was nude/gray dresses with super pale skin and platinum blonde hair.

I?m down with the Anne Hathaway look: dark brown locks with red lips and pale skin, but with light hair, skin, and a nude dress?you?re almost a ghost.

Amanda Seyfried, is your hair GRAY?

You?re such a pretty girl, why must you make yourself look 40 years older than you really are? You?re hair can?t match your dress! This does nothing for her. Moving on?

Demi, girl, you look HOT! 47? There?s no way you?re nearing 50.

She looks absolutely gorgeous in this bronze dress, with a lil tan herself, and the sexy piece of hair in front of her face. Ashton, you?re a lucky man! She looks younger now than she did back in the day with short hair, (i.e., Ghost).

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are closer in age than Demi and Ashton but look how style can totally make it seem otherwise. You really can control how old or young you look!

This dress is so unflattering to her shape, it makes her look heavy and way older than she is. Not even a 60 something year old would wear this dress, see below.

I definitely want to look like this at 64. The whole ensemble is age appropriate but still has a young and sexy feel to it. Helen Mirren deserves a lot of credit for looking so good.

Another cougar! Jane Seymour is just radiant in this dress..hot hot hot! Her hair, everything..A+ in my book.

Miley looks STUNNING but for some reason I think she also is trying to look older. Ah well, still looks great. Love her hair and earrings.

The Queen..honestly, doesn?t she always look fabulous? She never fails to amaze me. I have nothing bad to say. =)

As for the men, they all looked great. I don?t believe any of them went for anything too crazy or wild. The only difference between any of them was whether they wore a bowtie or a tie. Haha. The bowtie trend is definitely big right now. We?ll use Jake Gyllenhaal to represent the men.

Handsome in his Burberry tuxedo!

Let?s throw Zac Efron in there too, for the ?tie? boys. Plus, I love his messy, spiky hair.

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Gaga Carried onto the Grammys 2011 Red Carpet In an Egg

Sorry I have been gone for awhile. I completely missed the Grammys. But hear me out! I just moved to South Florida for a job a few months ago and I also just moved into an apartment. Everything is new and exciting right now, as well as super busy, and I didn?t get internet in my apartment until this week. Or cable. Actually I am getting cable this week. So back to blogging?finally! Sorry my Fashion Feen readers!! I hope you forgive me!

Now, I shall touch on the subject everybody has been talking about for the past week. Yeah, yeah, Lady Gaga arrived to the Grammys this year, in a freaking egg. She had supermodels carrying her in. We all heard about it. Are you surprised? I wonder if it?s her or her people, or both, who come up with these ideas on how to be more shocking than the last time. What will they come up with next? So, what was she wearing in there? That?s what I want to know, yet I can?t find one single picture of her ?hatching,? shall I say, because everyone is so obsessed with the fact that she was in an egg. How did she breathe in there anyway?

I?m curious to know what statement she was trying to make this time.

Nicki Minaj seems to be a Lady Gaga fashion follower as well. I swear, does every celebrity have to be so darn outrageously dressed? Can?t anyone just look normal and classy like Jennifer Aniston always does? Keep it simple! She gets just as much media attention looking normal! And what?s up with the Frankenstein hair?! Ay yi yi! I?m so over it!

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Why Celebrities Celebrate Shamballa Bracelets

Shamballa bracelets are gaining more focus owing to their center stage performance. If you have been watching celebrities appearing on stage sporting Shamballa bracelets and wondering what they are, go on to read about the hot favorite of the celebrities. Shamballa bracelets are the symbol of the rich cultural heritage of the mythical Kingdom named ?Shambhala?. Those with spiritual aspiration are attracted by the beliefs of Buddhists about the mythical kingdom in the Himalayan valley and its people. The people of the kingdom were devoted to reaching an elevated state that led to enlightenment. Shamballa beads are considered to possess healing power and each bead is said to be associated with a philosophy. They were used during meditation and now Shamballa bracelets have become the favorites of celebrities who wear them for all Shamballa bracelets could give them ? power, personality, style, grace, authority and of course health.

Versatility Of Shamballa Bracelets

Shamballa bracelets are not seen on the hands of celebrities for no reason. Shamballa bracelets are associated with rich culture and healing power. Shamballa bracelets come in various colors and each color is associated to certain personality traits. Now you know why celebrities are passionate about Shamballa bracelets. They can have the color of their choice and the unique Shamballa bracelets will give them the look they want to project. Shamballa bracelets colors are associated with the seven Chakras called the Energy centers. These energy centers channelize the energy flow in your body thus ensuring healthy state of mind and body.

Celebrities Sporting Shamballa Bracelets

The scene is getting familiar as you see more and more celebrities joining the list of those who wear Shamballa bracelets. Jay Z, Chris Brown, Justin Beiber are some of the famous personalities seen sporting Shamballa bracelets. Amy Childs was seen wearing pink and white Shamballa bracelet on quite a few occasions. Dancer Ciara was seen wearing a Shamballa bracelet, which was gold and black in color. Eva Pigford seems to have taken a liking for pink Shamballa bracelet. Keri Hilson was seen with a Shamballa bracelet and so was singer Fantasia. The list is not all as it is growing and it will be growing.

Why The Attraction?   

There have been many accessories in the past and many will be created in future but Shamballa bracelets will not be placed among the lot. What differentiates Shamballa bracelets from others is its quality. By quality, we do not limit it to the quality of the metal or stone used in the making of Shamballa bracelets. By quality, we mean the power of the Shamballa jewellery. A product gains respect and admiration only if it has a meaning defined. Shamballa bracelets offer more than attraction. Shamballa bracelets help define your character, shape your ideas and work out to accomplish your dreams. Celebrities never lose an opportunity to promote themselves and they can never afford to do so. Sporting Shamballa bracelets, they state without words that they are unique and they have the power. Celebrities love to express themselves in a unique way so that they stand apart; Shamballa bracelets provide them with the opportunity. Celebrities love to look fashionable without looking awkward; Shamballa bracelets help them achieve it. Like everyone else, celebrities do love to keep great health, physically and mentally; Shamballa bracelets let them have both. 

Shamballa bracelets have come to stay. They have been there for years but they have come to limelight only recently. Celebrities spare no efforts to look their best in Shamballa jewellery, which is a promotion in itself for the jewellery. Shamballa bracelets are unlike many other accessories. Its healing power is its specialty and hence the coming years will see many celebrities sporting Shamballa bracelets and the focus is going to remain rooted.

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Marilyn Monroe Digital Closet Launches on June 4th


New York, NY. June 4, 2013 ? Stylitics, the leading virtual closet platform on the web, and Authentic Brands Group, owner of the Marilyn Monroe Estate, will be launching style icon Marilyn Monroe?s digital closet, making it possible to browse and shop her style for the first time ever.

?We?re excited to introduce the Marilyn Monroe closets, showing off Marilyn?s timeless beauty and impeccable style,? says Nick Woodhouse, President of Authentic Brands Group.  ?For the first time ever, fans will be able to browse Marilyn?s vintage looks alongside the modern Marilyn collection.  It?s exciting to think about what Marilyn would be wearing if she were walking around New York City today, and we?re thrilled to work with Stylitics to help bring this to life.?

Fans and fashion lovers alike will have the opportunity to browse Marilyn?s famous vintage looks, as well as a modern-day take on her style as seen in the Marilyn Monroe Collection.  With the ability to look through her iconic looks and chat about her favorite items, fans will have the chance to experience Marilyn?s style in a new and intimate way.

?We can?t wait to share Marilyn?s digital closets with her fans,? says Stylitics co-founder Zach Davis. ?Her style has impacted generations after her, and it?s exciting to represent both her vintage and modern style.  The Stylitics digital closet gives consumers a much more personal way to discover and experience a collection that is driven by a personality, whether that?s a friend, a designer, or an icon like Marilyn Monroe.?

Stylitics is free for users, letting them create digital closets where they can share their clothes, outfits, and wishlists. Members can also walk into the closets of celebrities and influencers, such as musician Kate Voegele, TV host Brooke Anderson, actress Kate Mansi, DJ Chelsea Leyland, and blogger Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat.

Go here to sign up to shop Marilyn?s digital closet! www.stylitics.com/marilynmonroe

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The World?s Most Exciting Modeling Contest: Fresh Faces 2013

I?ve always wanted to be a model but I was too short. (I?m only 5?5). So, I tried to get into commercial print modeling but with the traveling back and forth to New York for interviews and castings (while working a full-time job) was just not working out for me. So I settled for graphic design and fashion blogging, and now I can model for my own blog if I?d like!

But for those of you youngsters who have a passion for modeling, I give to you ?Fresh Faces 2013? modeling contest from ModelManagement.com. The press release and information is below.

The World?s Most Exciting Modeling Contest: Fresh Faces 2013

Modelmanagement.com, the fastest growing network in the world for models, photographers, model agencies and industry professionals has teamed up with the best modeling agencies in more than 30 countries and all continents for the launch of the industry?s most exciting international modeling contest: Fresh Faces 2013!

In it?s 4th successful year, thousands of models are now applying with great excitement to Fresh Faces 2013 in order to win an exclusive modeling contract with a top agency in their country and the chance to start a professional model career.

The online contest gives models from all parts of the world the opportunity to showcase their talent to model experts and the industry decision makers who matter.

To apply to Fresh Faces 2013 the only thing needed is a Modelmanagement.com profile with lots of cool fashion photos, great modeling potential and many votes to get the attention of the judges. All model applicants have to do is share their profile link with their social media in order to collect as many votes as possible.

The expert panel of Modelmanagement.com and the collaborating agencies will analyze each model carefully, taking into account the amount of votes received, to see if they make the grade and have what it takes to go to the Grand Finals!

In addition to winning a model contract the winners of the contest will also get amazing international exposure, just like previous winner Daniel Perez, who went on to walk the catwalks of Armani and Prada in New York and Paris, or Jessica, who was chosen by Karl Lagerfeld for the cover of Elle France! Not to mention the signing of an exclusive contract with one of the best model agencies in the world and the opportunity to start a Top Model Career!

Just like this isn?t enough, all local winners will be invited to take part in an exclusive worldwide final, where a panel of judges ? including Thomas Zeumer, famous for having developed the careers of Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova and Heidi Klum, will judge their model potential and select 2 worldwide winners (one male and one female model).

The model experts are already on the run to find out who will be the next fashion promise!

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Best & Worst Dressed at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Best Dressed

Jennifer Lopez looking her usual sexy self in gold.

Ariana Grande, my new girl crush, always rocking these little flared dresses and this signature pose, too cute. She went a little darker this time but it?s still cute.

Austin Mahone looks young and adorable as he should with some moon boots as his only fashion statement.

Chris Brown, other than looking like a troublemaker with that expression on his face, his outfit is nice and put together. I like the maze print sweater.

Emblem3 looking young and fresh in skinny ties, leather jackets and cool kicks.

Jason Derulo looks sexy! I like the arms showing, why the hell not when you have arms like that?

Kacey Musgravest chose a beautiful little black lace dress with hot pink pumps and lips for added hotness.

Kimberly Perry looks like a princess, and reminds me of Faith Hill.

PSY?can?t believe I put him on the best dressed list but this is his signature look: blazers, black slacks and saddle shoes, oh and those round scientist glasses. But I do in fact like this blazer, and don?t mind the splash of pink at the cuffs either.

Roshan Fagan is quite possibly the best dressed. I love this blazer and it looks nice paired with a fresh white tee, nice watch and light jeans.

Taylor Swift can really do no wrong, she always looks sexy and classy, even when she goes for a little edge.

Worst Dressed

Audrina Patridge?it?s just the leather skirt I don?t like. Everything else would have been fine! It?s kind of tacky.

Carly Rae Jepsen trying to look bad ass as opposed to her usual sweet innocent looks? Not working.

Chloe Mortez?too mismatchy!

Hayden Panettiere, such a young, gorgeous girl, but here she looks too much like a mom. The dress and lack of makeup makes her look older when she should be rocking some color and sex appeal.

Jennifer Morrison is showing too much underneath that dress. It could have worked if it wasn?t as sheer.

Jenny McCarthy?well you haven?t aged a bit but this is not the 90?s anymore! This look is just plain trashy!

Kesha?blahhh. No makeup, hair slicked back and then a crazy high slit. Obviously she isn?t wearing panties. Right? Way too much.

Miley Cyrus, this outfit is straight out of Alice & Wonderland. Your hair is punk enough, you don?t need to overdo it with crazy ensembles. A nice gown paired with punky hair and red lips would do just fine.

Nayer..someone?s trying to make a statement. Not digging it. Way too much cleavage. And why the dog?

Selena Gomez..I really debated on this one. I hate to put her under Worst Dressed because she looks beautiful but the neon ?pool noodle? thingys are what killed this otherwise chic dress.

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose?too much leather on him and too much fabric on her, making her look even bigger than she is. I think pregnant women should wear fitted dresses. It?s classy and shows off the belly.

Z Lala, the next Lady Gaga? Yuck. No one wants to see all that! And who wrapped her shoes like a present?

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The Great Gatsby Gets Modern

The Great Gatsby is set to hit theaters on May 10th, and I can hardly wait to see all the beautiful Jazz-Age fashions! While we anxiously await the star-studded film that?s sure to be a hit, why not get inspired by Gatsby style and learn how to rock the glamorous looks in a more modern way? Read on friends?

What would Daisy Buchanan wear in 2013?


Have Fun with Fringe


Introduce the 1920s essential to your 2013 wardrobe without going overboard. Pair this Lady Day Fringe Tank from Only Hearts ($106) with jeans for the perfect ?flapper on her day off? look!

Modern Metallics


For Jazz Age glitz with an edge, these metallic coated jeans from Eugene Is My Middle Name ($225) are the perfect modern alternative. 

Lavish Lingerie

 Gatsby style decadence didn?t stop at outerwear. Make sure your lingerie is up to par with Fortnight Lingerie?s Lyra Bandeau Bra  ($88) or Ara Longline Bra  ($106)

1920?s Summer Whites with a Twist

 Update the classic 1920?s tennis whites look with this ultra-luxe Bianco Cream Cashmere Palm Pullover ($1340) or Cotton Short Pullover ($705) from Iris von Arnim.  

Flapper Fabulous 

The Lady Day Wrap Dress from Only Hearts ($158) is perfect for those who just can?t resist injecting more than just a hint of flapper into their Spring wardrobe! 

It?s all in the Details 

Cute details like the retro print and ladylike collar on this Giovanna Silk Top ($148) by Alpinestars by Denise Focil make for a tasteful touch of the 20?s!

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Effortless Espadrilles

One of the best options you have for Summer shoes, espadrilles provide effortless cool and comfort for the warmer months of the year. Espadrilles are effectively flat shoes made from canvas and cotton, which have a flexible sole, and can be slipped on and off ? they?re ideal for when you want an alternative to flip flops, and have become increasing popular in the UK after a long period of success in Europe and the United States. Why, then, are espadrilles such a good choice as footwear?

Slip on espadrilles are available in a wide range of different colours, with navy and more neutral versions being combined with brighter prints from brands like Twisted Soul. Classic canvas espadrilles can be worn when out and about in the sun, and are particularly worth getting for short trips to and from the beach on holiday. Cotton espadrilles are basically like  wearing slippers outside the house, although this does mean that you have to be careful not to get them too wet or muddy.

Espadrilles have been a sound option for men seeking comfortable Sumer shoes for some time, and developed out of peasant footwear into a European staple ? classic styles of espadrilles go well with short sleeve shirts and denim shorts, but can also be effectively combined with printed T shirts. More elaborate espadrilles with bright colours are similarly worth combining with retro items such as fedoras and classic sunglasses styles, as well as with chinos and white shirts.

You?ll see a lot of people wearing espadrilles if you?re on holiday in the Mediterranean, where they?re a common option for people living by the beach. Be careful, though, not to wear espadrilles out in the rain, or at muddy festivals, as they quickly fall to pieces if they?re not treated carefully in harsh conditions ? espadrilles are a Summer shoe more than anything else, and you should avoid getting them wet as you would with a good pair of Converses if you want them to hold together for a long time.

When looking for espadrille brands, you can find higher end slip on shoes from Ralph Lauren, as well as a variety of different styles from Twisted Soul and other labels, which can be found via outlets like Officers Club. It?s best to remember, though, that espadrilles need to be looked after if you want them to last the Summer, and that they?re best for wearing on the beach and by the pool, as well as for enjoying days out in the heat in local parks.

As with any kind of shoe, don?t skimp on quality, and try out a few different kinds of espadrilles before you settle on one ? you might want to take several pairs with you on holiday if you want to mostly wear cotton, rather than canvas espadrilles. Once you get used to wearing them, espadrilles are comfortable and effortless to take on and off and match with different outfits, while letting you indulge the dream of wearing slippers all the time.

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Beyonce as Mrs. Carter for H&M

I’ve been meaning to follow up on my last post about Beyonce for H&M’s Summer Collection, so here is the new video ad featuring her new song, “Standing on the Sun.” Beyonce looks stunning on the beach dancing in a fringe bikini, summer dresses, and in both light and dark colored hair. Look at that bod!

It’s almost May! That means the collection will be available soon.

What do you think of the video?

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