Best & Worst Dressed at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Best Dressed

Jennifer Lopez looking her usual sexy self in gold.

Ariana Grande, my new girl crush, always rocking these little flared dresses and this signature pose, too cute. She went a little darker this time but it?s still cute.

Austin Mahone looks young and adorable as he should with some moon boots as his only fashion statement.

Chris Brown, other than looking like a troublemaker with that expression on his face, his outfit is nice and put together. I like the maze print sweater.

Emblem3 looking young and fresh in skinny ties, leather jackets and cool kicks.

Jason Derulo looks sexy! I like the arms showing, why the hell not when you have arms like that?

Kacey Musgravest chose a beautiful little black lace dress with hot pink pumps and lips for added hotness.

Kimberly Perry looks like a princess, and reminds me of Faith Hill.

PSY?can?t believe I put him on the best dressed list but this is his signature look: blazers, black slacks and saddle shoes, oh and those round scientist glasses. But I do in fact like this blazer, and don?t mind the splash of pink at the cuffs either.

Roshan Fagan is quite possibly the best dressed. I love this blazer and it looks nice paired with a fresh white tee, nice watch and light jeans.

Taylor Swift can really do no wrong, she always looks sexy and classy, even when she goes for a little edge.

Worst Dressed

Audrina Patridge?it?s just the leather skirt I don?t like. Everything else would have been fine! It?s kind of tacky.

Carly Rae Jepsen trying to look bad ass as opposed to her usual sweet innocent looks? Not working.

Chloe Mortez?too mismatchy!

Hayden Panettiere, such a young, gorgeous girl, but here she looks too much like a mom. The dress and lack of makeup makes her look older when she should be rocking some color and sex appeal.

Jennifer Morrison is showing too much underneath that dress. It could have worked if it wasn?t as sheer.

Jenny McCarthy?well you haven?t aged a bit but this is not the 90?s anymore! This look is just plain trashy!

Kesha?blahhh. No makeup, hair slicked back and then a crazy high slit. Obviously she isn?t wearing panties. Right? Way too much.

Miley Cyrus, this outfit is straight out of Alice & Wonderland. Your hair is punk enough, you don?t need to overdo it with crazy ensembles. A nice gown paired with punky hair and red lips would do just fine.

Nayer..someone?s trying to make a statement. Not digging it. Way too much cleavage. And why the dog?

Selena Gomez..I really debated on this one. I hate to put her under Worst Dressed because she looks beautiful but the neon ?pool noodle? thingys are what killed this otherwise chic dress.

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose?too much leather on him and too much fabric on her, making her look even bigger than she is. I think pregnant women should wear fitted dresses. It?s classy and shows off the belly.

Z Lala, the next Lady Gaga? Yuck. No one wants to see all that! And who wrapped her shoes like a present?

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