Have High-Fashion Runway Shows Turned into Peep Shows?

Just recently, I saw an article about how yesterday?s Dior Runway Show in Paris ended with a peek of 19 year old model, Karlie Kloss?s bare-naked butt. Here?s the photo to prove it:

I mean, it?s a beautiful sheer skirt and I see that the point is to show what?s underneath but why can?t they sew in a panty to match the dress like they do in ballroom dance competition dresses?

We condemn Lindsey Lohan and other celebs for showing their stuff for the world to see yet we allow models to walk down the runway showing their boobs and butts like it?s nothing? No one in their right mind should be walking around in public like that so why would you model a dress in that way? What happened to showing how undergarments can enhance and flatter the shape of an outfit? You don?t want everything to hang loose underneath; that is so NOT flattering or fashionable even if you have a model body. Come on now.

I?ve seen this nakedness on the runway plenty of times, usually with the models being braless under sheer tops. Here are some examples:

Wow, Kate Moss spotted flaunting her nipples in public while holding her daughter?s hand:

The whole point is to show how sheer tops can be worn in many different ways to be stylish and sexy by showing a little skin but not ALL of it. You can wear a simple tank underneath and let the arms and shoulders be the revealed part or wear a bandeau top underneath to go for a beach sexy look and show some tummy. Showing off your nipples is going just a bit too far. Just a bit.

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