Gaga Carried onto the Grammys 2011 Red Carpet In an Egg

Sorry I have been gone for awhile. I completely missed the Grammys. But hear me out! I just moved to South Florida for a job a few months ago and I also just moved into an apartment. Everything is new and exciting right now, as well as super busy, and I didn?t get internet in my apartment until this week. Or cable. Actually I am getting cable this week. So back to blogging?finally! Sorry my Fashion Feen readers!! I hope you forgive me!

Now, I shall touch on the subject everybody has been talking about for the past week. Yeah, yeah, Lady Gaga arrived to the Grammys this year, in a freaking egg. She had supermodels carrying her in. We all heard about it. Are you surprised? I wonder if it?s her or her people, or both, who come up with these ideas on how to be more shocking than the last time. What will they come up with next? So, what was she wearing in there? That?s what I want to know, yet I can?t find one single picture of her ?hatching,? shall I say, because everyone is so obsessed with the fact that she was in an egg. How did she breathe in there anyway?

I?m curious to know what statement she was trying to make this time.

Nicki Minaj seems to be a Lady Gaga fashion follower as well. I swear, does every celebrity have to be so darn outrageously dressed? Can?t anyone just look normal and classy like Jennifer Aniston always does? Keep it simple! She gets just as much media attention looking normal! And what?s up with the Frankenstein hair?! Ay yi yi! I?m so over it!

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