Rose Petals for Boobs?

You know it?s bad when there?s gathered fabric that resembles rose petals right on your boobs and you STILL look flat as a pancake.

And why would you want people staring at your twins all night?

I must say, if that material wasn?t there, the dress would have been gorgeous on her. Because honestly, I like the dress, the mauve shade, and the trumpet  style gown. Also, the red lips just don?t go with this look. Nude lips or a light pink would have suited this better.

A big trend I noticed on the Red Carpet at the 2010 Oscars was nude/gray dresses with super pale skin and platinum blonde hair.

I?m down with the Anne Hathaway look: dark brown locks with red lips and pale skin, but with light hair, skin, and a nude dress?you?re almost a ghost.

Amanda Seyfried, is your hair GRAY?

You?re such a pretty girl, why must you make yourself look 40 years older than you really are? You?re hair can?t match your dress! This does nothing for her. Moving on?

Demi, girl, you look HOT! 47? There?s no way you?re nearing 50.

She looks absolutely gorgeous in this bronze dress, with a lil tan herself, and the sexy piece of hair in front of her face. Ashton, you?re a lucky man! She looks younger now than she did back in the day with short hair, (i.e., Ghost).

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are closer in age than Demi and Ashton but look how style can totally make it seem otherwise. You really can control how old or young you look!

This dress is so unflattering to her shape, it makes her look heavy and way older than she is. Not even a 60 something year old would wear this dress, see below.

I definitely want to look like this at 64. The whole ensemble is age appropriate but still has a young and sexy feel to it. Helen Mirren deserves a lot of credit for looking so good.

Another cougar! Jane Seymour is just radiant in this hot hot! Her hair, everything..A+ in my book.

Miley looks STUNNING but for some reason I think she also is trying to look older. Ah well, still looks great. Love her hair and earrings.

The Queen..honestly, doesn?t she always look fabulous? She never fails to amaze me. I have nothing bad to say. =)

As for the men, they all looked great. I don?t believe any of them went for anything too crazy or wild. The only difference between any of them was whether they wore a bowtie or a tie. Haha. The bowtie trend is definitely big right now. We?ll use Jake Gyllenhaal to represent the men.

Handsome in his Burberry tuxedo!

Let?s throw Zac Efron in there too, for the ?tie? boys. Plus, I love his messy, spiky hair.

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